Amigurumi Pikachu Recipe and Preparation

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Amigurumi Pikachu Recipe and Preparation

Yellow, Black and Brown Amigurumi Rope
2.5mm crochet
Bead Fiber
6.0mm Safety eye
stitch marker
Sewing needle
SH = magic ring
O (ZN) = Chain
V = Binary Increment
W = Triple Boost
A = Double Deduction
M = Triple Deduction
C (CC) = Loop shift
X (SC) = Sc
BLO = Knitting by sinking into the yarn behind the loop
FLO = Knitting by sinking into the yarn in front of the loop
T (HDC) = Single Handrail
F (DC) = Double Handrail
F (TR) = Triple Handrail
VHDC = 2 HDCs in/to Same Hole
VDC = 2 DC to same Hole/ground
Color Change
How to Make Amigurumi Pikachu

Head and Body

1- 6x in Sh
2- 6v
3- (1x,1v)*6
4- 1x,1v, (2x,1v)*5, 1x = 24
5- (3x,1v)*6
6/11- 30x across 6 rows
12- (3x,1a)*6 = 24
13- 1x,1a, (2x,1a)*5, 1x = 18
14- (1x,1a)*6 = 12
15- (1x,1v)*6

At this stage, we fill the head with bead fiber.
17- 1x,1v, (2x,1v)*5, 1x = 24
18/19- 24x = 24 across two rows
20- 1x,1a, (2x,1a)*5, 1x = 18
21- At this stage, let's fill the body with fiber. (1x,1a)*6 = 12
22- Before closing the body part, let's fill it with bead fiber. (1x,1a)*6 = 12
23- We close the body. 1a = 6

We do the finishing process and leave a long rope and hide the rope.

Making the Legs

We will make two legs in total and fill them with bead fiber.

1- 6x = 6 into Sh
2- v*6 = 12
3- 12x = 12
4/5- 12x = 12 across 2 Rows
6- 1a = 6

We finish the legs, leaving a long rope.

Making the Arms

We will knit 2 pieces in total from the arms and we will use yellow yarn. Do not forget to fill the bead fiber inside.

1- 6x in Sh
2- (1x,1v)*3 = 9
3/4- 9x = 9 across two rows
5- (1x,1a)*3 = 6

We finish our arms by leaving a long rope. We will join the body with the help of the rope.

Making of Ears
by ear
Both black and yellow yarn will be used for the ears. We will knit two ears in total and start knitting with black yarn.

1- 4x = 4 into Sh
2- 1v,3x = 5
3- 2x,1v,2x = 6
4- 1v,5x = 7
5- At this stage, we switch to yellow color. 3x,1v,3x = 8x
6- 1v,7x = 9
7/8- 9x = 9 in two rows of boots
9- 1a,7x = 8
10- 3x,1a,3x = 7

We complete our ears by leaving a long rope.

 Making the Cheeks

We will knit her cheeks with red yarn as two pieces. No bead fiber is put inside.

1- 8x = 8 into Sh
2- We are shifting the first loop of the previous row, that is, sl-st.
We cut it leaving a long thread. We will fix it on the head.

Tail Making

We will use two colors of rope in the tail of our Pikachu recipe. We will knit with yellow and brown threads.

1- we make 9 chains
2- 2 loops. 7 loops in 1 row.
3/5- We make 3 rows of 8 frequent needles
We draw 6- 4 chains. 2 loops 1 row 5x
We will make 7/8- 2 rows. We draw 1 turning chain in each row and make 6 loops.
9- We make 4 chain stitches. We knit 1 row 5x in 2 loops. Color change happens here
10/11- 2 rows of 6 frequent needles with 1 turn chain
12- 1 rotary chain 6 loops

We leave the thread long by finishing.

Pikachu Merges
Joining the Legs: If we have knitted all the pieces, you can start sewing the legs to the body. We sew as in the image, leaving a gap of 4-5 loops between them.

Sleeves: They are sewn to the body 1 row below the neck, with the arms left and right. Sew in line with the legs

Eyes: A safety eye is placed 7x apart on the upper center of the bass part.
Ears: Sew 3 rows right and left from the middle of the head to the front.
Cheeks: Sew right and left 1 row below the eyes.
Tail: It is sewn to the back of the body in the middle as in the image.
Stripes: Stripe is drawn on the back with two brown threads.

Mouth and Nose: It is embroidered with black thread in the middle of the cheeks as in the image. The nose should be the size of a single needle and the mouth should be 3 loops long.

We have come to the end of the Amigurumi pikachu recipe, I hope it will be a pokemon you knit with pleasure. Don't forget to share the recipe and comment.

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