Animal Blankets

30 October 2020, 11:03 114

Animal Blankets

Color numbers:
 185 (pink) – 1 skein;
 112 (blue) – 1 skein;
 329 (light brown) – 1 coil;
 55 (white) – 1 coil.


Needles: No. 4.
Hook: No. 3.
Used patterns:
 Garter stitch, half cushion with crochet.
1. Thread “Marifetli” in pink color, type 2 loops. In each facial row add 1 loop from both edges;
 2. When the number of loops increases to 5, add 2 loops from each intermediate line in each face row (i.e. in each 2nd row) to 1 loop on both sides;
 3. Continuing to add, knit up to a height of 70 cm;
 4. At an altitude of 70 cm, from both edges add 8 loops, knit 5 rows (paws);
 5. Close the 8 loops that were added from both edges;
 6. Knit still to a height of 31 cm, subtracting from two loops in each row 1 loop from both sides;
 7. The remaining hinges knit without a height of 30 cm. Fold the resulting rectangle in half, with sewing along the two edges. Fill the head with the material, sew the bottom edge.
Dial a chain of 9 air loops, tie it with half-pins with a crochet. Knit the eye to a height of 7 cm, subtracting along the edges of 1 loop. Dial a chain of 3 air loops, close in a ring, tie with half-pins with a crochet. 2 rows of knit, in each previous polostolbik knitting for 2 polustolbika (increase), 2 rows knit, in each previous 2 polostolbika knitting 1 polostolbik (reduction). Sew to the tips of the feet.
Sew the ears. Make eyes, nose and mouth.

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