Basic Sweater

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Basic Sweater

To knit a pullover you will need: 450 grams of mocha (color 11) of Cashsilk Lana Grossa yarn (40% polyamide, 15% cashmere, 15% silk, 75m / 50 grams); straight knitting needles No. 9, circular knitting needles No. 9, length 80 cm.

Edge chain: 1st loop of each row of knit faces. cross Remove the last item of each row as out., Keep the thread before work.

Persons surface: faces. R. – persons. n., out. R. – out. P. Front surface with a pattern of fans and highlighted .

Additions: knit according to the pattern. The numbers on the left indicate out. p., on the right – persons. R. In width, start with loops between the arrows. All loops are indicated on the diagram.

The selected loops are added on both sides by means of yarn according to the scheme. In every trace. persons. and out. R. these crochets knit out. cross or persons. cross Knit 1-92 p in Height, then repeat the 91st and 92nd rows.

Description of knitting a pullover with needles with kimono sleeves:
Start knitting a pullover from the left sleeve. Dial 25 loops. For the strap, knit 2 cm = 4 rows of faces. smooth surface, starting from 1 out. R. according to the scheme. Then knit faces. stitch with a pattern of fans according to the scheme, starting from the 5th p., and at the same time dial 10 p. with the help of yarn = 35 p. Then 5 times in each person. until the 14th p. dial before and after the central 19 p. and 1 p. by means of the yarn, knit the loops between them with an elastic band according to the pattern. In the 16th p. reduce 10 p., for which p. knit together according to the pattern.

So in the center there is a drawing resembling a fan. Repeat this 6 more times in height according to the pattern. From the 32nd p. dial on both sides of the item for the form of a kimono by means of yarn. So after the 69th p. from the beginning of work, before and after the central 19 stitches on the needles of 40 p. A lateral line is reached and the sleeve is finished. in .0 m. dial 2 p. on both sides with the help of yarn for edge band and knit it according to the pattern. Given the growing number of loops, translate st to circular knitting needles.


Sequentially knit the bar further. in the 89th p. = out. R. according to the scheme, cross the central 9 p., and reduce 1 p. according to the description. In the 90th p. to cut the neck, divide the work in the center and knit both sides separately by 49 p. From the inside, perform according to the chrome pattern. the bar. First, continue to knit the back on the right side. After 12.5 cm = 20 rows from the separation, set aside. Then knit in front and st. Also set aside.

Then knit the right sleeve on the 2nd half of the back and the front in the same way, and in the 89th row, cross the central 9 points to the right, for which the first 5 points should be removed for recall. knitting and knitting at work, then knit as the 1st part and reduce 1 p.

Pullover assembly: flatten the parts, moisten and allow to dry. Fold both parts down to the inside and connect the loops of each half for central seams. To do this, sequentially knit individuals. 1 p. m of the front spoke along with 1 p. from the rear knitting needle and close immediately. Make side seams and sleeve seams with a mattress seam, and only capture half of the item in both parts.

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