Bright Set

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Bright Set

Socks, job description :
Knit starting from the boot. For knitting needles No. 2.5, dial 36 p. With a double knitting set and knit with an elastic band 1 x 1. At a height of 11 cm, continue knitting the first 10 p. With knitting needles No. 3 of persons. stitch, taking off at the recall. the needle remaining p. Tie 10 p. and fulfill the heel trace. way: * 5 persons., 2 p. persons together., return, 6 out., return, repeat from * until 6 p. remain, and postpone knitting. Link the last 10 p. Symmetrically.


Resume knitting of deferred 6 points, raise 4 points along the inner edge, 16 points central, raise 4 points along the second edge and the remaining 6 points = 36 points. Knit the first and last 10 points. stitch, the remaining 16 p. knit pearls. pattern, decreasing on both sides of them in every 2nd r. 3 times 1 p. = 30 p.

Tie 18 p. straight and perform diminution for the toe footprint. way: 5 persons., 2 p. persons together. with an inclination to the left, 2 p. persons together., 12 persons., 2 p. persons together. with a tilt to the left, 2 p. persons together. and 5 persons. Continue to decrease in this way in every 2 r. 3 more times = 14 p. Cut a sufficiently long thread, thread it into open loops and tighten them.

Vest, job description:
The vest is crocheted by 46 loops.
We collect 46 loops. We divide the loops according to the scheme: 10 x1x 6 x1x 10x1x 6 x1x 10
-The first 10 loops are shelf rights
-x1x – raglan, where x is a cap loop, 1 front loop6 stitches – right sleeve
1x – raglan 10 loops – back
1x – raglan 6 stitches – left sleeve
x1x – raglan

And the last 10 loops are the left shelf
1p: we only knit the front: 10 bp (shelf), double crochet, 1 bp, double crochet, 6 bp
(sleeve), double crochet, 1 l.p., double crochet, 10 l.p. (back), double crochet, 1 l.p. (sleeve), double crochet, 1 HP, double crochet, 10 HP (shelf).

Turn over the work
2 row: at the beginning and at the end of the row we knit 4 facial loops, the rest purl, without the addition of a crochet.
3 row: as 1 row, only with added loops: 11 hp (shelf), double crochet, 1 bp, double crochet, 8 bp (sleeve), double crochet, 1 HP, double crochet, 12 HP (back), double crochet, 1l.p., double crochet, 8 l.p. (sleeve), double crochet, 1l.p., double crochet, 11l.p. (shelf).
4th row: as well as the 2nd row. (In each even row, until the end of the work, at the beginning and at the end of the row, knit 4 facial loops)
5 row: with the addition of loops as in the 3rd row. We continue to knit according to the pattern already following the raglan pattern, about 8-9 cm.

When the size of the raglan suits us, we need to close the sleeves to connect the shelves and the back. To do this, we knit the front shelf to the raglan, leave the knitting needle on the hinges of the shelf, close the hinges of the right sleeve, then knit the hinges of the back to the left sleeve, close the hinges of the sleeve, knit the left shelf. Expand knitting. In the process of knitting we connect all three parts of the shelf-back-shelf.

We continue to knit 6-7 cm, we finish the work with an elastic band, or 2 cm garter stitch. You can not do the ties, I added them as a decor, crocheted them with air loops.

Cap, job description:
Dial 51 loops and knit 2.5 cm with a garter stitch, then knit 8 cm with front stitch. After that, divide the work into 3 parts (17 loops each) and knit the central part with the front stitch knitting along the front side and one loop from the side part together with the front loop, and on the wrong side the edge and one loop from the side together with the wrong loop. Thus, gradually all the loops of the side parts are gradually closed and the volume of the bonnet is formed as when knitting the heel of the socks. Close all loops of the central part. On the bottom of the central part, raise the loops and tie a half and a half-centimeter wide placket with holes for ties. Crochet the lace, knitting, or take the finished one and pull it into the holes.

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