Children’s hat and snood (size 2-3 years)

12 October 2020, 09:44 1103

Children’s hat and snood (size 2-3 years)

First goal of winter knitwear (the wave point scarf was only a way to stretch your fingers when learning a new point): a hat and a snood for my daughter.

After extensive research and hesitations on the models, I opted for a way beanie cap with a small step hen and a snood false English rib seen in Mamoizelle K .
The idea being that if I used Rapido wool from Phildar which is supposed to have the same sample characteristics as that used by the Hen for the beanie, I could make the matching snood without having to tweak the measurements too much. Fault……… !!!!! I had a hard time … for the hat !!

I thought that the child size of the Hen tutorial would be too large for a 2-3 year old child. So I started by reducing the number of stitches fitted. I quickly saw that it would be much too small so I defeated to go up the 48 recommended stitches. Still too small! it’s a baby size !!
So I started on the adult model (60 stitches) by knitting the rows of ribs in needles 6 then the foam rows in needles 7. And I started the decreases to 14.5 cm in height as for the child model.
Another remark for those like me who are not used to these subtleties, do not make the increases by making a throw but by going to recover a thread on the row below, otherwise it makes holes !! (yes I had to re-unravel a few rows:
In the end I was afraid that it was still just in width, but as the wool relaxes a little with use, it goes well. On the other hand it could have a little more height.
I replaced the pompom with a knot: rectangle knitted in garter stitch and tightened by winding thread in the middle.

Much easier after the hat!
I have knitted 65 needle stitches 7 and knitted in false English sides * up to 13 cm in height. Then I sewed the 2 edges together.
You just have to be careful to fold the stitches very loosely otherwise it is difficult to pass your head through it.

* False English ribs: knit on an odd number of stitches * 2 stitches, 2 reverse stitches *, 1 stitch. The same for each row.

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