Crocodile Booties

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Crocodile Booties

1 stage of work: preparatory

So we need: a ♥hook,
♥Also need yarn. It is advisable to purchase a special, for kids, for example, merino. It is very soft, gentle, durable and not at all caustic. In addition to the merino, for the manufacture of children’s clothes, you can use alpaca wool. It is undesirable to choose yarn from angora wool, polyamide or with the addition of lurex.

As for color, the crocodile booties will look great in any range, but fantasy colored yarn will give them special beauty.
♥Still need 6 beautiful children’s buttons (medium size) – for fasteners.
Having prepared everything you need, we determine the size of the future product.

The sole length is:
• for babies from birth to 3 months – from 6 to 8 cm;
• from 3 months to half a year – from 8 to 10 cm;
• from 6 months to a year – from 10 to 12 cm.

Stage 2: decorating the sole

We start crocheting the crocodile booties  from a crocheted sole. We will work according to the scheme below.

We start knitting by creating a chain of fifteen air loops (for a 10 centimeter sole). Your quantity may be different, depending on the required size. We knit the first row as follows: we skip two air loops, and in the third we perform a single crochet (SCN). In the next 6 loops, we also knit the bases by one sc. Next, we make 5 columns with one double cap, and in the initial loop of the chain we perform 8 C1H, thereby forming the rounded shape of the sole. Turn knitting, we again perform 5 C1H, one in the loop of the base, and then – 6 sc. In the last loop of the row, add 3 columns without nakida and complete the connecting loop. We get the workpiece with rounding at the ends. We continue to knit the second, third and so on rows, according to the scheme. Making the necessary increases in the toe and heel. As a result, we get the sole of the booties. By analogy with the first one we make the second part.

Stage 3: continue knitting

For the design of the sidewalls bootees do five rows. The first one is completely knitted with columns without a roll, not forgetting to make a lifting loop at the beginning of the row and a connecting loop at the end. From the second to the fifth row knit pattern “gum”. So the product will sit well on the leg and comfortable to wear. At the beginning of the row we always make 2 air loops, then we knit with relief columns with one crochet, alternating the front and back. Embossed columns are made by the leg of the column of the previous row. Important: the last column should be different from the first in the row, otherwise the pattern will shift. If the column turned out to be the same, the next row starts with another column.

Stage 4: make out the toes

After completing the 5 rows of sidewalls of the crocodile booties, proceed to the knitting of the toe. For this we will do subtraction. Create a markup: fold the workpiece in the center of the sole, and then again in half. Mark the places of the fold markers. The first row of the toe: first, we knit relief columns to the marker, alternating purl with the front one, then – only with the front columns to the next marker. After marking, we work as usual and finish with a connecting loop. The second row of the toe knit again to the marker, alternating columns. Now we make abbreviations: we make a cape, enter the hook between the loops of the post, grab the thread. Knit the first two loops. Once again, do a nakid, enter the hook, grab and knit the first two loops. The resulting 3 loops on the hook are merged into one. Subtraction done

Thus, we perform abbreviations to the column marked with a marker. After it, we continue to knit as usual, alternating columns. The third row: before the first marker we change the columns, and we knit the zone of the toe with facial ones, without decreasing. Fourth row: knit up to the marker, changing the embossed columns. Then we knit 2 facial ones together, making cuts. After the second marker we finish the row as usual. All the toe is ready. By analogy with the first we make out the second slipper.

Stage 5: design of the top of the crocodile booties

Do the markup again. Fold booties along and then in half. Mark the place of the fold from the outside, where there will be buttons later. Also we act with the second lover. Enter the hook in place of the marker and perform in each loop of the base on the column without nakida. Right knitted bootie in the direction of the heel, left to the toe. We knit the upper part of the crocodile booties to the desired height, the pattern of the pattern is presented below.

We fasten the thread and cut off the excess. We sew buttons. That’s all, booties “Crocodiles” are ready.

Before using the product must be washed and steamed. We hope you enjoyed our master class. Good luck and creative success!

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