Frosty Summer

30 October 2020, 13:15 92

Frosty Summer

Pattern for socks with needles. Frosty Summer. Socks Frosty summer in children’s sizes 31-32. Yarn of the classic sock composition (75% superwax and 25% polyamide) and footage (420m / 100gr). Used 2 colors of yarn. Knitting needles N 2.5mm. Knitting density 30 p and 42 circle rows = 10 x 10 cm.













Loosely dial 54 + 1 (for closing in a circle) loops, distribute them on the knitting needles: 1 and 3 knitting needles – 14 stitches, 2 and 4 knitting needles – 13 loops. Next, continue knitting with a crossed elastic band 1×1 15 rows. After tying the gum, proceed to knitting the pagolenka. Knit according to the pattern, repeating rapport from 1 to 27 stitches 2 times. In height, knit 1 full rapport from 1 to 25 row.











Knit the heel on half the toe loops, 27 loops. Loops 2 and 3 of the spokes are laid off for the top of the foot. And on 1 and 4 the heel fits. Heel wall height – 26 rows. It is best to knit a reinforced heel. Your socks will last longer. Having tied the desired heel height, knit a “horseshoe”. To do this, divide the heel loops into 3 parts, 10-7-10 (hanging markers). And with partial knitting, continue to knit the heel.

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Frosty Summer

30 October 2020, 13:15 93