Knitting hat for children with needles

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Knitting hat for children with needles

A children’s hat with knitting needles Lupoglazik will delight any child with his funny eyes. We crocheted them, and you can use fleece or felt. For knitting hats, a mix of two brands of yarn was used to create a melange effect. Plain yarn can be used. The crown of the cap is round in shape and the places of decrease are not visible. We will describe how to do this later in the lesson itself. A cap on the head size 51-54 cm for children from 5 years. The depth of the cap is 20-20.5cm.

To work, you will need:

  • 60-70g of yarn: Pechora “Children’s whim” (50% merino wool – 50% fiber; 50g – 225m) + Alize Lanagold (49% wool – 51% acrylic; 240m – 100g);
  • Black yarn Pechora “Pearl” (50% cotton – 50% viscose; 425m – 100g);
  • Yarn of white color Pechorka “Children’s Novelty” (100% acrylic; 200m – 50g);
  • 40cm circular knitting needles of 3.75mm on the main fabric and 3.00mm for the elastic;
  • Hook 2.5mm for white yarn and 2.0mm for black;
  • Tailor pins, marker, knitting needle.

Description of the knitting needles caps Lupoglazik:

We make a set of 82 loops in the Norwegian way on knitting needles of 3.00 mm.

We connect knitting in a circle with the help of an additional 83 loop. We knit elastic 1×1 – 9 rows.

We change to 3.75 mm knitting needles and knit 25 rows in height with front stitch . Next, we begin to form the crown.

Crown caps

We knit as simple as possible, without any fit for the number of loops, etc. If there are loops at the end, then nothing in the overall work will be noticeable. Yes, it’s amateurish, but sometimes you feel like knitting in knitting 😉

  • 1 row: 2L, 2L together;
  • 2-5 rows (4 rows): we knit without decreases;
  • 6 row: again repeat 1 row, i.e. 2L, 2L together;
  • 7-10 rows (4 rows): we knit without decreases.

In the 11th row there will be quite sharp decreases, so either we switch to the Magic loop method , or to stocking knitting needles.

  • 11 row: 1L, 2L together;
  • 12-13 rows (2 rows): we knit without decreases;
  • 14 row: we have 32 loops left, in this row we do only decreases, i.e. 2Lvmeste (16p);
  • 15 row: we knit without reductions;
  • 16th row: 2L together (8p). We tighten the crown.


It is necessary to bind 2 identical eyes.

In the video master class, everything is shown in detail, so even if you do not know how, you can learn.

Tip: knit both eyes in a row, not at different times of the day or days. So that both elements are the same size.

White yarn, knit white eyes.

  • 1st row: KA – 6SBN;
  • 2nd row: 6P (12);
  • 3rd row: 1SBN, P (18);
  • 4th row: 2SBN, P (24);
  • 5 row: 3СБН, П (30);
  • 6th row: 4SBN, P (36). SP and cut the long thread.

On the second circle, it is enough to leave the thread short to just hide it. We will sew both eyes with one thread.
Black yarn, we knit the pupil of the eye.

  • 1st row: KA – 12SSN;
  • 2nd row: 6P, but RLS (24).

First, we sew the pupil to the protein, and then both eyes with one thread in turn to the cap.

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