Knitting Petite Cardigan

5 November 2020, 08:23 250

Knitting Petite Cardigan

You will need:
Yarn (52% sheep’s wool, 48% cotton; 120 m/50 g) – 400 (450) 500 g blue;circular spokes No. 3.5 and 4.5 lengths of 80 cm;
Stocking spokes No. 3.

Patterns and mating:
Rubber band: alternately 1 front loop, 1 out-of-night loop.
Delicate pattern: 9 times high to repeat 1-24th p.
The edge of the loop: perform like a knotedge edge.
Knitting density: facial surface (spokes No. 3.5) – 16 p. x 24 p. delicate pattern (spokes No. 3.5) -22 p. x 24 p.

Jacket-cape with geometric pattern:
The jacket consists of a large rectangle, the corners of which are tucked inwards, see Scheme. The arrow on the left pattern shows the direction of knitting. After the stitches are done, the bar is sewn into the neck and sewn to the edges of the corners tucked inside. The middle of the back is marked with an x badge.

On circular spokes score 182 (188) 196 loops and knit the facial surface. After 64 (66) 68 cm q 154 (158) 162 p. from the initial row close all the loops.

on circular spokes to dial 33 loops and tie a delicate pattern of 90 (91) 92 cm q 216 (218) 220 p., for sizes 40/42 (44/46) then tie another 1 (2) x 23rd and 24th P. Loops temporarily leave. Tie the second half similarly, left loops to connect the seams “loop in the loop” – the middle of the back.

The corners of the jacket are tucked in the scheme inside the wrong side to the wrong side and the combined edges connect the mattress seams, while leaving open the outer 10 (11) 12 cm for the sleeve holes. For the sleeves planto, dial on the hosiery spokes at the edges of the sleeve holes on 44 (50) 56 loops and tie the window. 5.5 cm and 16 laps. rubber band, then sew the loops. The plank, starting from the middle of the back, sew into the neck of the back and sew to the front edges, the bottom rear edge leave open.

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