Mug Hug Heart

27 October 2020, 11:40 222

Mug Hug Heart


• Dual Duty XP® All-purpose threads to match
• 1⁄3 yd (30.48cm) heart print fabric
• 1⁄3 yd (30.48cm) backing fabric
• 1⁄8 yd (30.48cm) ruffle fabric
• 1⁄4 yd (22.86cm) medium rickrack
• 12” (30.48cm) square batting
• Heart template provided

Cut out the heart template (page 3).
From the heart print, cut:
1 heart
From the backing fabric, cut:
1 heart
From the ruffle fabric, cut:
1 strip, 11⁄2” x width of fabric (3.81cm x WOF)

Preparing the Top

1. Layer the heart fabric heart over the batting square. Using a wavy machine stitch, quilt across the heart width every 1⁄2” (1.27cm) with vertical lines.
2. Trim the batting to match the heart shape.
3. Baste the rickrack vertically 2” (5.08cm) from the heart center.
Note: Seam allowances are 1⁄4” (.64cm) unless otherwise speci ied.

Making the Ruffle

1. Trim the selvages and sew the short ends of the ruffle fabric together, being careful not to twist. Press the seam open.
2. Press the ruffle strip in half matching cut edges. Sew a gathering stitch 1⁄8” (.32cm) from the cut edges.
3. Using a zigzag stitch and contrasting thread, sew over the ruffle folded edge, allowing the stitch to swing off the fabric.
4. Fold the ruffle in half and pin-mark the halves.

Assembling the Mug Rug

1. Matching the ruffle halfway points to the lower point and inside top center and with raw edges even, pin the ruffle to the heart distributing gathers evenly. Baste 1⁄8” (.32cm) from the edge.
2. With right sides together, pin the backing heart over the front, matching raw edges. Sew around the hearts using a scant 1⁄4” (.64cm) seam, being careful not to stitch tucks in the ruffle. Leave an opening along one straight side for turning.
3. Trim the lower point and clip the inside top point. Turn the heart right side out and press. Be sure the rickrack is on the upper mug rug surface.
4. Hand-stitch the opening closed, turning the seam allowances to the inside.

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