Newborn Set

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Newborn Set

Set for newborns with knitting needles: blouse, cap and sliders, with description.Lovely little kit from the designer Karen Borell for newborns and toddlers, which includes a blouse and a cap of the same color and a contrasting overalls-sliders, called short-legged sandpiper.


The set is knitted with knitting needles easily and quickly in a knitting technique without seams. The description of knitting of this set is made for newborns and babies 1-3 months old (6-9 months, 1 year-1.5 years, 2 years). All measurements in the description are in inches. 1 inch = 2.5 cm.
To knit a set you will need a yarn of medium thickness. For example, the gray-pink kit on the photo is connected from the Swish DK yarn from Knit Picks (100% merino wool, 123 yards long (or 112 meters) in 50 grams.
Knitting kit is made with 4 mm spokes, circular and stocking. For tying the slits of the legs on the sliders, take the spokes of the smaller number, we recommend circular or stocking spokes of 3.5 mm.


Blouse for newborns. To knit blouses from this set, approximately 270 (320 – 400 – 480) yards of yarn of average thickness of gray color will be required.
The dimensions of the finished knitted blouse are as follows: Breast: 18 ½ (20 ¼ – 23 ½ – 25 ½). “
Sleeve length: 3 ¾ (5 – 6 ¼ – 7) “.
Length of the body: 5 (6 – 7 – 8) “.
Blouse for babies knits with knitting needles from top to bottom with facial smoothness with simple braids and moments of garter stitching. The blouse is formed by raglan, starting from the neck and moving down to the armhole. After the armhole, the body and sleeves are connected separately, without seams.
On the bottom edge of the blouse, a hem is to be bent and sewed. Perhaps, this is one seam, which must be performed in the process of knitting the entire set.
The neck is tied with a hollow cord. The closure of the blouse is carried out for 2 (2 – 3 – 3) buttons with a diameter of 15 mm.
Cap-elf for newborns.
Description knitting cap with knitting needles is made for the circumference of the baby’s head: 16 (17 – 18 – 20). ” For the cap, approximately 70 (90 – 115 – 125) yards of gray yarn will be required.
A funny elf-cap is knitted with knitting needles with a flat knitted fabric, made from yarn of the same color as the blouse. A simple braid adorns the hat. The back of the cap, on the back of the head, is formed by shortened rows. The hinges are closed by the method of three spokes. The neck is made of garter stitch, which ends with a hood, serving as a clasp for 1 button with a diameter of 18 mm.
And finally, sliders for newborns and toddlers.
Knitting needles for knitting need about 240 (300 – 360 – 420) yards of pink yarn. Measurements of the sliders on the chest will be 15 (16 – 16 ½ – 17 ½). “
Sliders are knitted with knitting needles from contrasting yarn, but you can tie the entire set in one color, at your choice.
Knitting of the sliders starts from the inguinal zone and first the back part is knit. Loops for knitting the front part are raised on the knitting loops of this part. After forming the leg slots, the knitting of the sliders continues along the circle to the chest band along the front and straps along the back.
In the middle of the transfer and the back of the overalls, a small assembly is performed. This form is convenient for using diapers with diapers.
Slots for the legs are tied with garter stitch. Two buttons with a diameter of 15 mm are sewn on the straps of the sliders.


The knitting density of the set is 4 mm:
22 loops and 30 rows = 10 cm with the front face, measuring after blocking.
22 loops and 40 rows = 10 cm garter stitch, measuring after blockage.

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