Pillow With Braids

23 September 2020, 12:28 303

Pillow With Braids

I decided to share with you a master class on their manufacture. Today I will tell you how to knit a pillowcase on a pillow measuring 40 cm by 40 cm from a fairly thick yarn. Due to the thickness of the thread, the product knits quickly. Great for beginners. You can work out a simple knitting technique and quickly enjoy the result.


To knit pillows with braids you will need:


3 skeins of Alpina Marta yarn tactifil (acrylic) 100 meters in 120 grams. This new generation yarn – similar in texture to cotton, holds its shape perfectly.


It fits easily and does not form spools in the process of using things. knitting needles 6 mm thick with a fishing line length of 80 cm; auxiliary knitting needle; hook number 3,5; zipper in tone pillow 40 cm (or longer).


We collect 54 loops for the pillow. We knit further according to the scheme.


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Pillow With Braids

23 September 2020, 12:28 304