Amigurumi Rabbit Family Making and Recipe

16 January 2022, 18:14 984

Amigurumi Rabbit Family Making and Recipe

Kartopu Organica yarn;
2 pieces of White (K010) color yarn
1 red (K1170) color rope
1 piece of Light Blue (K1541) color thread
1 piece of navy blue (K632) color rope
Pink and black embroidery floss
2.2 mm or 2.5 mm hook
bead fiber
8mm amigurumi eye
Etamine needle
loop determinant
SH: magic ring

X: sc

V: Increase / 2 sc in the same loop

A: Reducing / taking 2 single crochets together and making single single crochet

DC: Double handrail

VDC: 2 double handrails in the same loop

ZN: Chain

CC: Loop shift

Things to Consider
As you knit, do not forget to fill the inside of the toy with fiber.
If you leave the threads of the pieces long, it will make it easier for you while sewing.
The numbers in front of the abbreviations indicate how many times you will repeat the abbreviated action at that time.
The numbers outside the parentheses indicate how many times you will repeat the operation inside the parentheses at that time.
The rows of the parts of the toy are knitted in a spiral form, without combining them. So each row is like a continuation of the other. For this reason, it will be useful to use a loop determiner to determine the head of the row.
Arms (2 pcs)
It is knitted with white yarn.

1) 5X into SH (5)

2) 5V (10)

3-25) 10X (10)

*For the male rabbit, we knit the last 5 rows with light blue yarn.

We fill the fiber and fold the end in half and close it with 5X.

Legs (2 pcs)
It is knitted with white yarn.

1) 6X into SH (6)

2) 6V (12)

3-27) 12X (12)

After finishing the first leg, we cut the rope. We will continue to the body by pulling 4 chains without cutting the rope of the second leg and connecting the two legs with a loop shift.

Continuing from the legs;

1) First leg 12X, 4X on 4ZN, second leg 12X, 4X on 4ZN (32)

2-15) 32X (32)

*For the male rabbit, we switch to the light blue rope in the 6th row.

16) 7X, 1A, 14X, 1A, 7X (30)

17) 7X, 1A, 13X, 1A, 6X (28)

18) 7X, 1A, 12X, 1A, 5X (26)

19) 6X, 1A, 11X, 1A, 5X (24)

20) 6X, 1A, 10X, 1A, 4X (22)

21) 5X, 1A, 9X, 1A, 4X (20)

22) 5X, 1A, 8X, 1A, 3X (18)

23) 4X, 1A, 7X, 1A, 3X (16)

24) 16X

Continuing from the body;

1) 16X (16)

2) (1X, 1V)*8 (24)

3) 1X, 1V, (2X,1V)*7, 1X (32)

4) (3X, 1V)*8 (40)

5) 2X, 1V, (4X, 1V)*7, 2X (48)

6-19) 48X (48)

Between the 10th and 11th rows, we place the locked eyes with 10 frequent needles between them.

20) 2X, 1A, (4X, 1A)*7, 2X (40)

21) (3X, 1A)*8 (32)

22) 1X, 1A, (2X, 1A)*7, 1X (24)

23) (1X, 1A)*8 (16)

24) 8A

We close the remaining opening with the help of an etamine needle and hide the thread.

Ears (2 pcs)
It is knitted with white yarn.

1) 6X into SH (6)

2) (2X, 1V)*2 (8)

3) (3X, 1V)*2 (10)

4) (4X, 1V)*2 (12)

5) (5X, 1V)*2 (14)

6) (6X, 1V)*2 (16)

7) (7X, 1V)*2 (18)

8-20) 18X

After knitting her ears, we sew them on her head with the help of an etamine needle as in the image.

Then again, with the help of an etamine needle (preferably with a thinner pink thread), we embroider the rabbit's nose as in the image. Then we process the eyelashes.

Ruffle Dress
We knit with red yarn.

1) 23ZN, 22X from the 2nd chain

2) Respectively 2X, 7ZN, (skipping 5 stitches and sinking into 6th stitch) 8X, 7ZN (skipping 5 stitches and sinking into 6th stitch) 2X

3) 1X in each loop across the row

4) By knitting 7X, 1V, 4X, 1V, 4X, 1V, 7X, 1V respectively, 30X in total

5-7) 30X

8) By knitting 7X, 1V, 6X, 1V, 6X, 1V, 7X, 1V in a row, 34X in total

9) 34X

10) By knitting 8X, 1V, 7X, 1V, 7X, 1V, 8X, 1V respectively, 38X in total

From this row, you need to knit by turning.

11) By combining the two ends of the piece you knit, 1X into each loop

12) 1VDC to each loop

13) DC to one loop and VDC to the other, respectively

14) 1DC in each loop for 3 rows

15) We make reverse frequent needles along the row and finish.

*After dressing the dress on the toy, we sew the opening on the back.

Suspender Trousers
We knit with red yarn.

1) We pull 16ZN and combine them to make a ring.

2) 16x in each row (turning) across 11 rows

We knit 1 more from this piece.

3) After knitting two from the leg part, join the 2ZN and the other leg without cutting the yarn of the second leg.

4) 36x across 10 rows

5) Knit 2x in the 11th row (the row where we will make the hangers), 25ZN after CC. Knit 24X on this 25ZN starting from the 2nd loop and tie it back to the waist with CC. For the second hanger, first knit 28X (for correct position), CC, then pull 25ZN. Knit 24X on this 25ZN starting from the 2nd loop and tie it back to the waist with CC.

6) After finishing the straps, put them on the toy and sew the straps to the front, diagonally from the back. You can decorate it with a button if you want.

Flat Shoes (2 pcs)
We knit with navy blue yarn.

1) 7X into SH (7)

2) 7V (14)

3-8) 14X (14)

Banded Shoes (2 pcs)
We knit with navy blue yarn.

1) 7X into SH (7)

2) 7V (14)

3-7) 14X (14)

8) 4X, 7ZN (skipping 7 stitches and sinking into 8th stitch) 3X (14)

Your Amigurumi rabbit family is ready!

Use it on good days!

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