Thanks to the Amigurumi Dino Recipe, you can knit a very sweet and cute dinosaur model. I am of the opinion that it is a model that will have a throne in everyone's hearts with its sympathetic stance, I hope you like it and knit it with love.

Thanks to the amigurumi caretta key chain design, you can knit for your children or yourself from these little ones. The amigurumi caretta recipe, which is very easy to make and does not take time, wins everyone's appreciation.

Here is the honey carrot rabbit recipe from Amigurumi rabbit recipes. If you like amigurumi rabbit models, I think you will like our honey carrot model too.

Since Amigurumi amoung us is one of the models that are knitted a lot, I wanted to share the amoung us pillow recipe with you. I hope you would like to knit 1-2 amoung us pillows for your home.

You can make a toy rooster by knitting with the Amigurumi rooster recipe. I would like to say that amigurumi is one of the rare designs in the animal category. The length of our rooster model will be between 15-17 cm on average.

Thanks to the Amigurumi monkey recipe, you can knit three monkeys. Among the animal models, Amigurumi is the most preferred monkey by children.

We can say that there is almost no character that cannot be made with the art of amigurumi. In this article, we will share with you the amigurumi lead soldier recipe and how it is made. Just because we don't have a Christmas culture doesn't mean we won't be knitting tin soldiers and Santa Claus. If you are looking for a Christmas ornament, you will like this lead soldier.

Braided Baby Girl

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Hello ladies, in this recipe, we will make a knitted baby girl with you from the art of crochet Amigurumi. Amigurumi, which is loved by children and very fashionable recently, has become the center of attention of everyone. Don't you want to knit healthy toys for your children at home these days when we are going through a period that is important for health? Then let's come to our knitted baby gi

Hello dear knitting-loving ladies, today we searched for the red riding hood recipe from amigurumi doll models and found it for you. With this recipe, you will now be able to knit Little Red Riding Hood for your girls with your own handiwork.

Wouldn't you like to make a beautiful flower fairy with the Amigurumi technique? This flower fairy will be a friend to both you and your children. Let's see how to make a flower fairy.

Are you ready to meet the most beautiful of the Amigurumi sleeping companion models? Your children will like this amigurumi Christmas sleeping companion, which is suitable for the New Year concept.

In this article, we will make a small alien model with the amigurumi technique. You can use our small alien model as a toy or as a key chain.

Hello everyone, we have come up with the matryoshka (matryoshka) model, which is popular in this recipe and is often used in everyone's home. We have compiled how to make an amigurumi matryoshka doll and its written recipe for you, first of all, let's give a short summary in case there are friends who ask what is a matryoshka.

Hello everyone, welcome to our new article, amigurumi pacifier baby recipe. As you can see in the image, this baby is a very sweet model and is an ideal toy for girls. It is very easy to make and a fun recipe to knit.

Hello everyone, we are here with a new recipe that we saw and liked very much. Amigurumi knitter's grandmother recipe varies according to the yarn you will use between 15-25 cm in size. We would like to express our thanks to Zeynep lady who prepared and shared this recipe.

Hello everyone, in this article, we came to you with a wonderful girl recipe. Our Amigurumi bunny girl recipe is a very pleasant and simplified model to knit. The thought that your girls will enjoy playing and that a healthy toy will not harm them while playing will make us all happy.

Say hello to our Amigurumi baby boy recipe, ladies. With this recipe, you will be able to make a tiny baby boy. I would like to say from the beginning that it is a very short and easy recipe, it is an amigurumi doll recipe that will definitely not tire you.

With the Amigurumi door decoration recipe, you can decorate your children's door with this sweet bear sleeping on the cloud. It is possible to complete the cloudy moon, which is very easy to make, in 1 day.

Hello everyone, in this article, I will talk about the details of the watermelon girl amigurumi recipe, one of the amigurumi doll models. The watermelon girl amigurumi recipe is 30 cm tall on average and there is no harm in playing with children.

Amigurumi Tonton Baby Recipe

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We are here with the Amigurumi tonton doll recipe in this article. We are ready for the latest trend concept baby doll recipes, our ready-made products are easy to make and in their donors. While we are knitting Tonton dolls, you can use velvet yarn according to your own preferences and possibilities.