Hello everyone, welcome to our new article, amigurumi pacifier baby recipe. As you can see in the image, this baby is a very sweet model and is an ideal toy for girls. It is very easy to make and a fun recipe to knit.

Hello everyone, we are here with a new recipe that we saw and liked very much. Amigurumi knitter's grandmother recipe varies according to the yarn you will use between 15-25 cm in size. We would like to express our thanks to Zeynep lady who prepared and shared this recipe.

Amigurumi bunny girl recipe and making

5 January 2022, 12:01 613

Hello everyone, in this article, we came to you with a wonderful girl recipe. Our Amigurumi bunny girl recipe is a very pleasant and simplified model to knit. The thought that your girls will enjoy playing and that a healthy toy will not harm them while playing will make us all happy.

amigurumi baby boy recipe and making

5 January 2022, 11:51 598

Say hello to our Amigurumi baby boy recipe, ladies. With this recipe, you will be able to make a tiny baby boy. I would like to say from the beginning that it is a very short and easy recipe, it is an amigurumi doll recipe that will definitely not tire you.

With the Amigurumi door decoration recipe, you can decorate your children's door with this sweet bear sleeping on the cloud. It is possible to complete the cloudy moon, which is very easy to make, in 1 day.

watermelon girl amigurumi recipe

5 January 2022, 10:42 593

Hello everyone, in this article, I will talk about the details of the watermelon girl amigurumi recipe, one of the amigurumi doll models. The watermelon girl amigurumi recipe is 30 cm tall on average and there is no harm in playing with children.

Amigurumi Tonton Baby Recipe

5 January 2022, 10:28 601

We are here with the Amigurumi tonton doll recipe in this article. We are ready for the latest trend concept baby doll recipes, our ready-made products are easy to make and in their donors. While we are knitting Tonton dolls, you can use velvet yarn according to your own preferences and possibilities.

We are here with the amigurumi bernie sanders model, one of the popular knitting models of recent times. This model has become very popular with foreigners, if you want to knit bernie sanders in a short time, you can take a look at our recipe.

Hello everyone, in this article we will talk about the amigurumi caramel girl recipe and its preparation. It is a favorite of girls with its caramel girl hair color, which has a very stylish appearance. Our doll is 33 cm tall.

Amigurumi is a model that is an answer to the question of how to make a baby boy. Here is the amigurumi baby can recipe and its making. Don't you think this pacifier baby can recipe, which has a very cute appearance, is beautiful?

Amigurumi bebek modellerinden karşınızda pıtırcık. Pıtırcık bebek tarifi sayesinde sizde amigurumi örebilirsiniz. Pıtırcık kız bebeğimizin boyu 45cm dolaylarındadır, tabi sizlerin kullanacağı ip ve tığ numaranız bunda değişiklik gösterebilir.

Amigurumi Pepee Recipe and Preparation

5 January 2022, 09:29 525

Amigurumi pepee tarifi ve yapılışı sayesinde sizde kendi evinizde örgü örerek oyuncak örebilirsiniz. Ücretsiz olarak tasaralanan bu amigurumi modeli tüm çocuklar sevmekte. Bu pepee modelimizin boyu yaklaşık olarak 35cm dir.

Amigurumi velvet doll recipe and making

5 January 2022, 09:24 535

We are here with the amigurumi velvet doll recipe, which is the easiest of amigurumi doll models. I would like to state that it is a very enjoyable and easy recipe to knit. We are knitting our Amigurumi velvet doll model with velvet rope and it will be 40 cm in size on average.

Amigurumi Flower Girl Recipe and Making

5 January 2022, 09:18 554

In this article, we will talk about the amigurumi flower girl recipe and making. Our flower girl has a very beautiful appearance, as you can tell from her name. This amigurumi doll has an average size of 40 cm.

Amigurumi Sensory Butterfly

5 January 2022, 09:05 575

Sweet and fabulous sensory butterfly for babies. The butterfly has teething rings as wings and a rattle ball which makes a sound when moved around. A must have for any baby that needs her/his senses stimulated. Enjoy!

Amigurumi Brunette Doll

5 January 2022, 09:00 565

Hello everyone, we are here with a very popular and popular amigurumi doll recipe, thanks to the amigurumi brunette doll recipe, you will now be able to knit a brown doll easily. The height of this baby is 25 cm and nako diamond is used as a thread brand.

Sensory Fish - Jelly

5 January 2022, 08:57 522

The lovely sensory fish Jelly is a fabulous little friend for toddlers. Jelly has teething rings as fins , tail curls which can be caressed, and a rattle ball that makes sounds when it is moved around. A “must have” for any baby. Enjoy!

Here is the Amigurumi spindle doll recipe. A sweet baby recipe where children can easily accompany their games, whose arms and feet can take shape, can lie down and curl

Amigurumi bebek ve çizgi film karakterlerinden karşınızda Agnes. Amigurumi agnes tarifi ile çocuklarınızı mutlu etmeye ne dersiniz? Yapımı aslında biraz zaman alabilir ve başlangıç düzeyinde amigurumi ören arkadaşları biraz yorabilir.

Teething Duck Alfred

5 January 2022, 08:44 555

Say hi to Alfred the duck, a super cute duck with adorable teether links shaped as ducks feet. The teether links are, of course, tested and certified (non toxic contents. EN71-3 certificate). Alfred can be crocheted in our lovely Rainbow cotton 8/4 or Rainbow Organic, and it's up to you to choose what colors you think your Alfred should have. Enjoy!