Snow Beanie

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Snow Beanie

To work, you need:

-Yarn of various colors and shades, about 10 grams each, in an amount of 10 or more (yarn thickness of about 250-350 meters per 100 grams);
-Circular knitting needles No. 2.5;

Pin;needle with a large eye for stitching;
Hook ;(for refilling the “tail” of the yarn).

A finished hat for a head girth of 56 cm, a height of about 24 cm. A tight fit over the head. I recommend that you make your calculations to get the product of the required size.


To make it more convenient to knit and not to get confused in a large number of glomeruli, I recommend unwinding a little yarn from each glomerulus. In this case, the small balls will simply hang down during the knitting process and will not become very entangled with each other. In addition, at the end of each small hank, a thread of a different color will join. The thickness of the yarn is about 250-350 meters per 100 grams.

We collect 144 loops of black yarn on circular knitting needles and knit with a 2 to 2 elastic band (2 front, 2 wrong). You can take knitting needles half a size smaller so that the elastic better holds its shape. We knit about 3 cm in circumferential height, and more can be done as you like.

We begin to knit threads from small glomeruli. I did not use a specific pattern scheme. This is a complete improvisation in the course of knitting! This is an interesting process 


Next, we knit not round. At the beginning of the row and at the end, you need to add one loop each, since then you will need to sew these edges together, getting the back seam of the cap. We knit the front rows and the wrong ones.

You can take any number of loops of yarn of different colors – from 2 to 10-12 loops. Try to alternate yarn in contrasting colors or shades so that they do not merge with each other.

You can simply tie the ends of the yarn together, leaving ponytails. At the end of knitting, they will need to be crocheted. In each row or through a row in random order, the color is shifted to the left or right by 1,2, 3, 4 loops.

Here is such a picture. Each time it will be something new and not like the previous work. When one small glomerulus finishes, tie a glomerulus of a different color, trying to take a color that is not nearby, so that the pattern is more harmonious.

At a height of 16-18 cm, we begin to make reductions. Divide the canvas into 4 parts – 36 loops each. We reduce 2 loops from each edge of the wedge in the front rows. The back seam should extend in the center of the wedge. That is, from the beginning of the row – 1 edge, 16 loops, 1 decrease, 1 decrease, 32 loops, 1 decrease, 1 decrease, 32 loops, 1 decrease, 1 decrease, 32 loops, 1 decrease, 1 decrease, 16 loops, 1 edge .

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