Summer Combin

14 October 2020, 11:30 554

Summer Combin

Size: 44-46

You will need: 

850 g (500 g per coat, 350 g per dress) Shalunya Light yarn (100 g / BOO m) of Kamtex factory, needles No. 1.5.

Pre-knit patterns of openwork and tight knitting, steam, dry and calculate the density of knitting.

In the sample of 20 * 20 cm, use the middle part of 10 * 10 cm.

For the back of the coat, dial 180 loops plus two edge pieces.

Knit a pattern according to the scheme A – 66 cm.

Two centimeters knit with the front surface smoothly, then begin to reduce the armhole and then the size of the pattern.

Slash shoulder shoulder partial knitting.

For a coat shelf, type 80 loops.

Knit similarly to the back.

Hoops on armhole and neck start to knit at the same time.

Along the bevel of the neck, tie a harness from 2 * 2 loops.

Sleeve knit the same pattern for the size of the pattern or individual.

Begin assembly with stitching backs and shelves on the shoulders.

Set: summer dress and coat. Set: summer dress and coat.

Then stitch in the sleeve, sweep the side seams and check the fit.

If all is well, sew the armholes and side seams permanently.

For a strap, tie a strip according to the scheme B.

Sew a knitted stitch.

Slightly stretch the back of the neck for a better fit.

Tie the bottom of the sleeves and the coat with “racher step.”

Decor follow the scheme B.

Before the dress knit from the bottom up according to the scheme G.

Type 254 loops plus two edging.

Knit 38 cm and start a decrease by tying together two facial loops after the first and before the last harness.

Knit all the loops to the purl before the next harness with facial ones (see the diagram D row without number).

Continue to decrease in every third row.

After knitting the five weaves of the rope, repeat the “step” three more times.

The result should be 140 loops.

Tie up to the yoke and go to knitting under the scheme A.

Knit the back in the same way.

Tie two sleeves.

Sew the details.

Tie the neckline, bottom of the sleeves and dress with “slithering step”.

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