Beanie Boy

23 September 2020, 14:15 591

Beanie Boy

The cap in the photo is connected with the lining on the exhaust gas 56 cm.

If the lining is not needed, the indicated number of loops is suitable for OG 57 cm, with a density of knitting faces with stitch surface 20p = 9.5 cm, 17 rows = 5 cm (knitting needles No. 3).

Yarn Lana Gatto Maxi software, meter 50 gr-90m, consumption 2.5 skein hat, 1.2 skein lining + thread of contrasting color on 3 rows of elastic. Knitting needles # 2, 5 and # 3.


On knitting needles 2.5 with a thread of contrasting color, we collect 116 + 1 loops, close in a circle and knit 3 rows with a 1 on 1 elastic band.

In the 4th row, we introduce the thread of the main color and knit this row from the inside with loops.In the 5th row, go to the 1-on-1 elastic band and knit in the same order as the 3rd row.After 12 cm, we go to knitting needles # 3 and knit according to pattern # 1, alternating the front surface with a pattern according to pattern 2, while adding 22 p evenly so that overlaps do not tighten the fabric.

After 24 cm from the lower edge, we begin to decrease.

We make them in the wedges of the front surface as follows:

1st decrease: we knit the 3rd and 4th p together with the front one with an inclination to the left, the 5th and 6th persons with an incline to the right.

The 2nd decrease after 2 rows in the 3rd: the 2nd and 3rd p knit together people with a lean to the left, the 3rd and 4th with a lean to the right.

3rd decrease through 3 rows in the 4th: 1st and 2nd n together persons with incline to the left, 3rd and 4th with incline to the right.

The 4th decrease through 3 rows in the 4th is done in the back loops on both sides of the pattern according to pattern # 2: the 1st and 2nd knit are worn out from the left side, the 14th and 15th side from the right side.

5th decrease after 2 rows in the 3rd: in the wedges of the front surface, the remaining 2 p knit together with tilt to the right.

After 2 more rows, knit all the loops 2 in front together with a slope to the right.Repeat this action in a row, repeat in the next row.Loops tighten. The hat is ready.

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