Newborn Baby Vest and Recipe

15 January 2022, 21:58 289

Newborn Baby Vest and Recipe

1 x Snowball Baby One
3.5 no skewer
4 buttons
Start 48 stitches. Knit 4 threads.
Then continue knitting as 6 crochets on the front side and 36 straight 6 crochets.
Knit the haroshas on the reverse side as they appear on the reverse side of the harosha.
Continue in this manner until the side haroshas are 36 teeth with the tire.
When you have completed 36 threads, knit all loops 4 more threads.
When it comes to the front side, cut 12 stitches, 24 stitches, knit as 12 stitches. This is how we cut the collar.
Knit both sides until the haroshas on the sides are 13 teeth.
Knit 12 stitches on the front, knit 24 stitches, knit 12 stitches.
In this way, knit 26 teeth harosha.
When you come to the front, increase 15 stitches from each side. Knit all loops 3 teeth harosha.
Open buttonhole.

After the buttonhole, knit 20 threads and open the second buttonholes.
Knit 4 threads and cut all the loops.
You can decorate the front as you wish.
Good luck to those who have already done it.

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