Dear Little Bear Making

31 January 2022, 22:56 380

Dear Little Bear Making

Kartopu Organica yarn;
1 piece of Beige (K1838) color thread
1 red (K1124) color rope
1 white (K010) rope
1 piece Pink (K257) color rope
2 mm crochet
6mm amigurumi eye
brown embroidery floss
fiber, needle
Sh: Magic ring

x: Sc Needle

v: increment

a: Reduction

Blo: Knitting by sinking into the back of the loops

Flo: Knitting by sinking into the front of the loops

The construction of both teddy bears is the same. If you wish, you can also knit the teddy bear with only beige yarn.

Legs and Trunk
We start with tan yarn.

1) Sh 6x

2) (1x, 1v)*3 (9)

3) 9x

4) (2x, 1v)*3 (12)

5) 12x

6) (3x, 1v)*3 (15)

7) 15x

The first leg is finished, we knit the second leg in the same way and connect it to the first leg with a loop shift.

8-10) 30x

We switch to the pink color rope.

11) Flo 30x

12) Blo 30x

13-16) 30x

17) (3x, 1a)*6 (24)

18) (2x, 1a)*6 (18)

19) (1x, 1a)*6 (12)

20) 6a (6)

Arms (2 pcs)
We start with tan yarn.

1) Sh 6x

2) (1x, 1v)*3 (9)

3-4) 9x

We switch to the pink color rope.

5) Flo 9x

6) Blo 9x

8-15) 9x

We start with tan yarn.

1) Sh 6x

2) 6v (12)

3) (1x, 1v)*6 (18)

4) (2x, 1v)*6 (24)

5) (3x, 1v)*6 (30)

6) (4x, 1v)*6 (36)

7-11) 36x

We attach the eyes 5x apart between 8-9 rows. We sew the nose between the eyes.

12) (4x, 1a)*6 (30)

13) (3x, 1a)*6 (24)

14) (2x, 1a)*6 (18)

15) (1x, 1a)*6 (12)

16) 6a (6)

Ears (2 pcs)
We start with tan yarn.

1) Sh 6x

2) 6v (12)

3-4) 12x

We start with the white color yarn.

1) Sh 6x

2) 6v (12)

3) 12x

We embroider the nose with brown embroidery thread.

We start with the red yarn.

1) Sh 6x

2) 6v (12)

3) (1x, 1v)*3 (15)

4-6) 15x

We knit 1 more from this piece. Then, we connect the second piece to the first piece by loop shifting without chain pulling.

7-8) 30x

9) (3x, 1a)*6 (24)

10) (2x, 1a)*6 (18)

11) (1x, 1a)*6 (12)

12) 6a (6)

Our dear little bears are finished!

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