pink baby girl vest making and recipe

15 January 2022, 18:17 252

pink baby girl vest making and recipe

Pink Baby Girl Cardigan Recipe

  1. For the front sizes, 43 stitches are cast each.
  2. Then let's knit 3 rows of harassos.
  3. Now knit 5 loops crochet 3 and then swap 2 loops in the next 2 rows.(ie cross) and knit.
  4. Increase 1, knit 1, increase 1 again, cross 2 loops, but the first loop will pass behind
  5. the other and knit.
  6. In the return, knit the straight loops in reverse, and the reverse loops are knitted straight.
  7. Continue in this way and the sample will be output.
  8. In addition, arms are knitted by looking at your baby's arm size.
  9. The cardigan is sewn and decorated.

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